Key documents

The ROSE questionnaire

The research instrument is a questionnaire mostly consisting of closed questions. The master version is in English, but it has been translated into many other languages (see other language versions at the national ROSE pages).

Download the master version of the ROSE questionnaire (word.doc).

(You will find translated versions of the questionnaire at the national page for the various participating countries.)

The ROSE framework

Click on the publication below to download a description of the underlying rationale behind the project and how the ideas have been used to develop a research instrument called the ROSE questionnaire. The document also gives some details on the guidelines for data collection (population, sampling, logistics, data coding, etc.) that has been developed for the international partners who want their data to be part of comparative studies (Appendix B, also called the ROSE handbook).

Schreiner, Camilla & Sjøberg, Svein (2004). Sowing the seeds of ROSE.  Background, Rationale, Questionnaire Development and Data Collection for ROSE (The Relevance of Science Education) – a comparative study of students’ views of science and science education (pdf) (Acta Didactica 4/2004). Oslo: Dept. of Teacher Education and School Development, University of Oslo.

Contact us and give us your post address if you prefer a printed version of the report.

ROSE data entry files

Each participating researcher (or group) must follow the common guidelines for response coding and data entry. The statistical analysis software SPSS (Statistical Programme for the Social Sciences) will be used in the international data analysis. Data should preferably be coded in the SPSS data entry file, but Microsoft Excel may be used if SPSS is not available.

Available empty data files in SPSS and Excel format:

Data entry file in SPSS (preferable) for the closed questions
Data entry file in Excel for the closed questions
Data entry file in SPSS for the open question I

Corresponding code books with the necessary information for data entry are also available:

Code book for the closed questions (pdf)
Code book for the open question I (pdf)

National report template

All participating countries should write a short report on the national data collection. For this information to be complete and comparable, international partners may use a template with headings and keywords for the kind of information the report may include. Download template (word.doc).

Participants are free to add more relevant headlines. The black texts are suggestions for headlines and keywords, while the blue are example texts (from Norway) of what kind of issues to describe. The blue text should be deleted and replaced with relevant text from each country.

The reports on how the survey was organised in the participating countries can be downloded for the national ROSE pages.